Who am I you ask?

My name is Eric, I have been in the internet business for years. I have created and continue to maintain several popular and large internet forum communities as well as many other websites. I am a webmaster for a wide variety of clients and I specialize in graphic design. I have six awesome children, and one lovely wife. I like to think that I know a thing or two about a thing or two such as: theology, politics, entertainment, music, sports (especially ice hockey and auto racing). I have a fantastic extended family and a great group of friends, all of which know that I am very opinionated and I happen to be right about pretty much everything.

Welcome to my blog. I don’t shy away from debate so I invite you to disagree and I will gladly show you the error of your ways.

This blog is for fun, a free-form exercise that I hope you will find enjoyable.

17 thoughts on “Who am I you ask?”

  1. Hi!

    Are you the same guy that gave out the Lost theories at http://thelostconstant.com? The site is taken down now, but the presentation of the Lost theories is eerily similar, in terms of language, content and even picture commentaries of that site back in 2011.

  2. Here is my only question(s), what is the status of the lsland TODAY, and who is guarding it? If Hugo died and moved on, who did he pass it on too?

  3. Eric,
    Thank you for your post and giving me a foundation to understand and put into place most of my feelings about LOST. I have shared your site with my FB people so they can find it and in turn become un-LOST.

    PS… ice hockey fan? Any particular team?

  4. Im no im late on this, i have watched Lost recently just to pass the time and was instantly addicted.
    i have just one question, whee did Ben get the money to pay for all the trips and finding out info about the Losties? In the episode Meet Kevin Johnson. Tom is placed in what seems to be a nice apartment. How is this possible? Where does the money come from and how was Jacob able to leave the island if he was the protector of it?
    Also, whose ship is approaching during the conversation with the MIB and Jacob where the MIB says he wants to kill him so badly?
    Thanks so much for your blog. its as in depth and diverse as the show. I loved it all.

  5. Hey Eric-
    so in the end, when they are all in the church- their physical bodies and their time traveling personas have reunited? And why is Jack’s dad the center of the philosophical collision of the realities?
    Sorry this is happening so late- I watched LOST in September of 2012 after everything was over and all the uproar was finished…but I became completely addicted. As a former high school lit teacher, your blog would get an “A” for symbolic interpretation. Great defense of your ideas!

  6. Thanks for the kind words Michael. I had written several theories during the course of watching LOST but none of them were very developed, at least not to the point as the ones I have published here on my blog. I submitted most them to a very popular LOST blog online, but frankly I don’t think they are worth much attention at this point.

    As to the writers of LOST… I would love to have Carlton Cuse or Damon Lindelof comment on my theory. I have tweeted them once or twice but never received a response as I am sure they are super busy. Maybe if other folks also asked them to read it they might be more compelled. Hint, hint… nudge nudge. 🙂

  7. Do you have any other articles about Lost besides your ultimate theory and the one describing the ALT? I enjoyed reading your articles very much. In the past, I am guessing that I have read over a thousand theories about Lost, and NONE of them even came close to yours. You are the man!! I was also wondering whether or not any of the producers, writers, or actors on Lost have ever contacted you to offer their praise of your excellent summary of their show? Thank you for your time.

    Michael Bahnsen

  8. Could it just be that Eric actually likes kids and believes they are a blessing from God?

  9. Eric,
    If I ask a question, am I going to get bombarded with email from your sites promoting something? You kinda took my idea in a website as I think I’m ms. know it all. I like to straighten people out in their thinking…and given the opportunity…well duh.

  10. I think you are the first blogger that I will follow as I believe you described me (and about 1/3 of our country) in your answer to Bill’s question. I used to think that number was higher, but with the results of recent elections and the comments of my facebook friends I’ve had to reevaluate that stance.

  11. Thanks for the question Bill. I hate labels but let me put it to you like this… I believe in personal responsibility. I believe there is such a thing as right and wrong. I believe in the power of liberty and freedom. I believe that all humans have a right to life. I believe that the guilty should be punished and the innocent should be protected.

    If you have any other specific questions I would love to answer them for you.

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