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9 thoughts on “Contact Eric”

  1. Loved your theory on Lost but dont know if you got my reply? didnt show up on the blog.

  2. Austin, thank you for the nice comments and thanks for spreading the word about my theory.

    I checked out your site, love the artwork! But why is the bearded guy giving me the finger??? 🙂

  3. Hey man, have to say I love your Time theory for Lost. I read it maybe a year ago, and I just read it again upon recovering the bookmark.
    It’s pretty much the answer to the series, in my opinion. My theories have deviated from some of yours, but I’m pimping your theory on the Lost IMDB message board.
    Hey, btw, check out my website for a little taste of my upcoming comic, Bartimus & Postlethwate- about a farmer and his undead chicken.

  4. Hi eric… I am your worst nightmare….I did not like your blog about anime being disgusting…feel free to get into a fight with 2/3 of the planet’s population you JERK! I hope you live a happy life discriminating other people’s ideals… And one more thing… YOU DON’T KNOW IT ALL you FREAKISH ZOMBIE FACED IDIOT!

  5. Eric, Thank you!!! I did have somewhat of any empty feeling after the finale. Ususally such things distract me and leave me irritated but, I decided to just leave it alone and move on because I knew that all there would be were hundreds of speculations of what happened, with know real sense of closure. Your “essays” I will call them, completed the story for me!!!!!!!! If the creators and writers of “Lost” have not read these essays, I don’t think even they have a full understanding of what happened. NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO TELL ME THAT “LOST” HAPPENED ANY OTHER WAY THAN YOU HAVE EXPLAINED. AGAIN, THANK YOU!!!!

  6. I noticed an incongruity on this web page:

    How delightful that “All 300 acres of the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary provide a safe nesting and feeding area for many of the birds and animals.”

    But how interesting that the title of that page, “Sighting of an apparent pterosaur . . .” refers to somebody’s report that a thirty-foot long pterodactyl flew into that wildlife sanctuary. For all those little birds and animals, how is it then “safe?”

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