Danica Patrick is ruining auto racing for me

My name is Danica Patrick and I am a race driver.
My name is Danica Patrick and I am a race driver.

I’m a big auto racing fan. I have been going to races since I was a little kid. As I have grown older I will admit that my interest in the sport has declined. Maybe it’s because the sport has changed so much over the years or maybe it’s because I have changed over the years. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing better than a warm Saturday night at the local short track, drinking a beer, eating a hamburger, and listening to the roar of the races. There isn’t anything much better than that.

I also follow the major leagues of racing a bit. I enjoy NASCAR and I love when it’s time for the Indy 500, the qualifying, the 3-wide start, the drinking of the milk… it’s awesome! I was also really looking forward to next seasons Nationwide NASCAR series since they are switching to the new cars that look much more like production cars (Mustang for Ford, Challenger for Dodge, etc .) but in walks Danica Patrick and spoils everything. She has already ruined Indy Racing for me and now she has to ruin NASCAR as well??

What am I some sort of sexist??
No, I have nothing against women race car drivers, that isn’t the problem. The problem is all the hype that surrounds Danica Patrick and for what??? What has she ever accomplished in auto racing that deserves so much hype? Sure, she won a race in Japan when only a few other cars showed up, yet in her entire Indy Racing League career Danica has lead only a total of 110 laps! Compare that to almost any other driver on the circuit. Heck just grab any random name from the IRL driver roster… look at Tomas Sheckter who gets ZERO attention from the media (and rightfully so), Tomas has won twice as many races as Danica and led over 1300 laps in competition! Or look at Ryan Briscoe who finished 3rd in points (two places ahead of Danica in the final standings) he has won 5 races and led over 1000 laps, one might think these guys would get as much attention as Danica, but no… every race we have to be inundated with live updates from Danica’s pit stall (usually battling for 9th place).

Enough already!!!

You’re killing the sport!

So, what’s the deal? What’s really going on here? Well obviously Danica gets the attention she gets because she looks better in a bikini than Marco Andretti. It’s as simple and as shallow as that. So that’s what it’s come down to eh? It’s tragic that we have reduced ourselves to being so fascinated with sex that we like certain athletes over another because they whore themselves out to the media.

I can dream can’t I?
Ohhhhhhh…. what I wouldn’t give to see A.J. Foyt punt Danica out of the way as he lapped her for the 6th time (on just lap 30). Yes, I long for the days when race drivers earned their respect on the track. I just can’t respect a driver that gets attention for showing their breasts in a skimpy bikini.

Is it Danica’s fault or is it the media’s fault? I guess when it gets right down to it both the media and Danica share in the guilt for the over-hyping and her overexposure. Ironically, she will be driving in NASCAR for Dale Earnhardt Jr. who is NASCAR’s reigning king of the over-hyped and overrated.

Dear, media… I really couldn’t care less about Danica’s fuel strategy when she’s running in 27th place trying to avoid being lapped for the 8th time. ~ me

But that’s what we are going to get…. all Danica… all the time.

Count me out. I will stick with the short tracks in the small towns on Saturday night and cheer on the local drivers who still drive for the fun of the sport. I really don’t care to see Danica and Milka Duna having a cat-fight in the pits, it’s an embarrassing demise of one of the greatest sports the planet has ever known.

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  1. Good grief Danica Patrick set back the progress of women in the top echelons of motor racing probably a good 15-20 years.

    Now, most guys just think a woman race car driver as “token eye candy”. And in the case of Patrick, they would be completely right. True professional women race drivers such as Shirley Muldowny, Lynn St James, etc would never stoop to “hookerizing” the sport like Danica Patrick. Sad times indeed to be a female in auto racing.

  2. I like it when people don’t have a clue about racing try to defend Danica. Someone said she was in the top ten in Indy Car every year. She was but that meant she was taking the best, or one of the best cars backwards. If you have the best equipment, you should win, not go backwards. It would be nice to say, ‘she is a good racer”, not “she is a good racer for a woman”. There are a couple of good woman racers out there now, and if they get to Sprint Cup and have good eqipment, Danica will be a footnote as a never was.

  3. Are women quailed to be sportswriters or is job reserved for aging white liberal males who avoided serving in Vietnam with the help of feminist, these are the same white liberals who think a African American is qualified to be President, but not qualified to run a major news outlet they also think that women are qualified to compete with men in NASCAR but not qualified to replace then as sportswriters.

  4. why is she so popular? she has done nothing except wreck other drivers cars,she should be off the circut,she is overrated and a danger to the other drivers

  5. why is she so popular? she has done nothing except wreck other drivers cars,she should be off the circut,shen is overrated and a danger to the other drivers

  6. Remember Dan Wheldon’s first Indy WIN! Probably not! ’cause all we heard was danicamania! Emphesized WIN,any other driver with her statisics would have been a footnote by now! Most successful driver? ONE WIN IN ALMOST TEN YEARS! Now that’s a fact!

  7. It’s so desperate and weak-minded to accuse someone of sexism just because he understands that this mediocre driver is a media creation. You’re basically admitted that you’ve given up on actually arguing with the facts and will rely instead on name-calling, a tactic beloved by elementary school students across America. I’m a woman, an enthusiastic racing fan and a feminist, and I would absolutely love it if a credible female driver were actually competitive in Indy Racing, Formula 1 or NASCAR. That might happen someday, but it’s not likely to happen with Danica Patrick. She’s just not talented enough. Instead of defending this overrated gimmick, women should be insulted that she exploits her sexuality and gender to enhance her personal bank account. Danica Patrick is a poster child for why affirmative action makes some people so angry.

  8. There’s only one thing better then a warm Saturday night at the local oval with a beer and a chile dog, …… and that’s watching Danica Patrick do the walk. (or maybe watching her unzip that suit !!!!)

  9. This writer is CLEARLY a hack. Danica Patrick is one of the top 10 IndyCar racers in the IRL. This is not an opinion. This is fact.

    I understand that she gets more media attention than drivers that are accomplishing more than her. But she’s getting more attention because she has a bigger fan base. More people tune in to see Danica Patrick than anyone else. ESPN, ABC or whoever broadcasts the IndyCar races are simply giving the fans what they want to see, and that just so happens to be updates on their favorite driver, Danica Patrick.

    It’s stupid of this writer to insult hundreds of thousands of IndyCar fans for being Danica-maniacs. As if “serious aficionados” just couldn’t possibly be Danica fans. This, of course, makes no sense at all. Is Danica Patrick the best on the track? No. No, she isn’t. But are the Cowboys the best team in the NFL? No they aren’t. But I guarrantee you that there are MANY knowledgable and serious NFL fans that have season tickets to see the Cowboys. Can we not say the same about serious IndyCar fans and Danica Patrick? Fans cheer Danica Patrick on because they support her no matter what. Don’t insult them simply because they’re not bandwagon-jumpers.

    Why he’s comparing Danica Patrick to the likes of Thomas Sheckter I have no idea. Sheckter has consistently ranked somewhere in the 20’s in ranking for the past 5 or 6 seasons. Patrick, on her WORST season ranked nearly twice that high!

    We don’t give a damn about wins. We care about SEASON STANDINGS. Unless it’s something huge like the Indy 500, wins are nice to shut the critics up, but are only good to get you further ahead in the season standings. Wins do no good when you normally place last. Anything can happen in a race.

    Every season Danica has been in the IRL, with the exception of her rookie season, she has ranked among the top ten drivers in season standings. In the 2008 and 2009 seasons, she was the top American driver in season standings. Thomas Sheckter has NEVER ranked among the top ten drivers in season standings but ONCE. And that was back in the early 2000’s I think. So if anything at all, Sheckter AT SOME POINT IN TIME was relevant, but he isn’t anymore.

    Hello, I’m AutumnVI, a former professional pit-crew member, and I’m a proud Danica Patrick fan! She’s one of my favorite drivers!

  10. name one nascar driver that has not used every possible asset to further their career? Sure she isn’t at the very top in either sport but she is better than a lot who are out there. Racing takes everyone from the winner to the back markers to be successful.
    Many of the men drivers have and still do modeling. Look at some of the off the wall and “sexy” commercials the men do, no one calls them out over it. It’s part of racing anymore. Deal with it.
    really the only thing is she is starting at the top and I think that may be too quick. Wonder how some of the other nascar drivers would have done had they got thrown in a car at Daytona without ever having ran a stock car.
    Bottom line is when it comes to racing she is doing it right. she is taking it slow, asking the right questions and learning and not driving over her head. She has not let who she is or rather who others want her to be go to her head. She knows when to be a model and when it is time to be a serious racer.
    Reread all the post and realize not even she wants all this hype, be mad at the media all you want. But respect what she has done.

  11. I totally agree with you. She should either concentrate on being a race driver or a “model.” As my mother would have said, “She needs to keep her flippy little butt in one thing or the other.” Preferably, the other! When she can prove herself as a driver without having to flaunt herself around, then I might watch her.

    Ed P: I don’t like her and none of your reasons apply to me.

  12. There are a couple of reasons why you might not like Danica in auto-racing:
    1. You Cannot handle a Strong woman who is not willing to sit at home and cook, clean and make babies for YOU
    2. You Cannot a Woman who makes More than you do
    3. You Cannot handle a Woman being successful
    4. You Cannot handle a Woman being successful in a MAN’s Sport
    5. It makes you “soft”, knowing that a Woman can Beat Down (I am talking fist-fights), a Wimp like Marco Andretti
    6. You are Gay

  13. I’m also a big race fan. I like the NHRA, well, I should say ‘liked’ the NHRA, until the top fuel dragsters and funny cars started racing to only 1000 feet after Scott Kalitta’s tragic death. If anyone saw it, I think they’d agree 320 feet wouldn’t have saved him… not even close. In my opinion, it’s a gross overreaction and has ruined the sport. I tried watching it after that and gave up.

    To me, this is the equivalent of changing the NFL from tackle to flag football. Or MLB instituting a rule that says runners are not allowed to slide into the second baseman in an attempt to break up a double play or take out a catcher while trying to score.

    The NHRA is working on the ends of some if not all the tracks and hopefully they’ll go back to a quarter mile next year. If not, I’ll be tuning in to championship poker or something.

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