My Review of The Walking Dead on AMC

The Most Epic Scenes from The Walking Dead

There have been some truly awesome scenes from the first two season’s. I must admit that I much preferred season two over season one. I thought season one was bit rushed and we had had little time to understand our characters, however my preference for season two is just by a hair as both seasons were a lot of fun.

The most awesome moments from the first two seasons of The Walking Dead are as follows and in chronological order.

The Most Epic Scenes from The Walking Dead Season 1

– Rick wakes up from his coma to find the devastation that is a Zombie apocalypse.

What is this Kaiser Permanente?
What is this Kaiser Permanente?

– Morgan tries to kill his “zombified” wife with a rifle and scope but can’t bring himself to do it. (could you do it??)

I hope it's Zombie season.
Better hope it’s Zombie season.

– Rick puts “half-lady” out of her suffering.

Where's your pants? Oh wait... never mind.
Where’s your pants? Oh wait… never mind.

– We find out that Shane and Lori are now romantically involved. (awkward!)

While the cats away...
Why did you name your son Carl?

– Glenn roars down an abandoned highway in a beautiful red Dodge Challenger. (frankly, I’m jealous)

Way to go Glenn... you broke the Challenger
Uh Dale? The left rear wheel hub doesn’t need gasoline.

– A beam of light shines on our survivors as the door to the CDC opens. (that should have ended season 1 in my opinion)

In and out nobody gets hurt (except Jenner and Jaqui)
In and out, nobody gets hurt (well… except of course Jenner and Jaqui)

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The Most Epic Scenes From The Walking Dead Season 2

Overview and What is the Walking Dead REALLY about?

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  3. When the world is ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and a small group of others struggle to stay alive as ‘the dead’ stalk them at every turn. Can Rick and the others hold onto their humanity as they fight to live in this terrifying new world? And, amidst dire conditions and personal rivalries, will they ultimately survive one another? Based on Robert Kirkman’s hugely successful and popular comic book series, AMC’s original series “The Walking Dead” is an epic, edge-of-your-seat drama where personal struggles are magnified against a backdrop of moment-to-moment crisis. A survivalist story at its core, the series explores how the living are changed by the overwhelming realization that those who survive can be far more dangerous than the mindless walkers roaming the earth. They themselves have become the walking dead.

  4. Thanks Jack I appreciate the nice comments. I went and read your blog post on Zombies and really enjoyed it.

  5. I bumped into your webpage (I hate the term stumbled across) after googling random, funny blogs. This doesnt appear to be a blog per se but its def set up similar to one, and I can appreciate your content. Youre definitely a similar writer to me. I liked this article about the Walking Dead. That show is epic and I can’t get enough of it. For anyone who could stick with this pretty long walk through I will say that it does a good job analyzing the show and breaking it down. Well done man. I have a similar article on my blog you MAY be interested in if you’re really into that sort of thing. I wrote it about this show too, it’s called “Zombies… Cannibalism… Apocalypse… What’s Not To Like About That?” I’ll be checking out more of your stuff. If I can figure out how to link websites to my blog any time soon I’d like to link yours

  6. Thanks Josh, I’m glad you enjoyed the review. Rick and Shane were a good contrast for sure. I would hope that I would be someplace in-between them in a approach.

  7. I cannot wait to finish season 2!! I have a sneaking feeling I would be a pretty fair mixture of Shane and Rick. Rick needs to sack up a bit, and it looks like he is going to. Thanks for the rundown, good sir!!

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