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ABC’s LOST: the ultimate theory and explanation


Looking at the the show through this filter (the light being time, the smoke monster being the past), it makes the finale that much more epic. Jack has spent all six seasons of LOST chasing and battling his past and now he actually gets to fight the past physically on the cliff-side! Jack (with Kate’s help) confront and defeat the past, but not without paying a price, the past has mortally wounded Jack. At this point the only way Jack can move on is for him to let go of the past which he does in the sideways reality (metaphorically), and on the island with Desmond’s help in the cave of time errrr… golden light. In a way, you can think of the entire show of LOST as a symbolic battle between our past and our future. We are left asking ourselves… if we were somehow given a clean slate would we give in to our own smoke monsters and be consumed by our past making the same mistakes we had made already? Or, would we let go of our past, embrace our future, learn from our mistakes and move on?

You have to learn to let your past go. Or better yet, throw it off a cliff.
You have to learn to let your past go. Or better yet, throw it off a cliff.

LOST was one of the best, most creative, mentally compelling, TV shows ever produced. The writers and producers took a huge chance by not spelling out the answer to every puzzle, and they stayed true to their style by allowing us fans to speculate and figure out the ultimate meaning of the show. Yet LOST wasn’t just a mystery it was also a symbolic statement about the very core of human nature told with great dialog, fantastic acting, and some of the best science fiction ever laid down on film. Because of all of this, LOST has staying power (it sticks to your ribs) and hopefully the theory I have presented above will be as fun to read as it was fun for me to write.

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Some people have asked me if I have thoughts on the meaning of the sideways reality that was one of the main themes in season six. A couple weeks before I wrote the blog post above I wrote Understanding and learning to love the ending of LOST which focuses on the the ALT/sideways reality from season 6.

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  1. This may have already been addressed, but why is Penny in the church at the end? She was not dead. Ben threatened to kill Penny as he believed Charles Whitmore was responsible for Alex’s death, but he never went through with it. Instead, he accepted the fact that he was the cause of Alex’s death, not Whitmore. Therefore, Penny should still be alive. Am I missing something?

  2. great insights!!
    Regardless of the vehicle used in the series, to me it was all about the title.
    All these people were truly lost in their lives, suffering tremendously due to their own doing or circumstances. They were pathless and leading to self destruction. To find their way back to balance and happiness they had to confront their greatest fears and let go of the things they should stop to try to control, that are actually controlling them. The island is an evolving mechanism with a variety of pitfall for them that they must endure and overcome. Once they let go they find inner peace, and meaning to their lives and experiences, and a shared love of life and people they have known.
    Just my take:)

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