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ABC’s LOST: the ultimate theory and explanation

ABC’s LOST explained!

Still wondering what the television show LOST was all about? I have answers!


SPOILER ALERT – the following article will completely explain and therefore give away to the most important puzzle pieces from the hit ABC television series LOST. Therefore if you haven’t seen the show and don’t want the end to be spoiled, stop reading this article right here! As for the rest of you who have wondered… what did it all mean? I have the answer for you!

Now that the spoiler warning is out of the way, lets get right to it…

Are there Twinkies in there mommy?
Are there Twinkies in there mommy?

The most mysterious lingering question remaining regarding the television show LOST is… what is the golden light in the cave at the heart of the island?

If only we knew what the light was maybe we could determine what the island was. And if we knew those facts we could piece together all the remaining details. Some might say the question was already answered when Jacob claimed the island was like a cork (when he said that he wasn’t lying which I will explain later) yet saying the island is a cork really only raises another question instead of giving any type of comprehensive answer, after all… if the island is a cork, what does that mean? I for one am glad that the writers didn’t spell it all out for us because if they had, it would have robbed us the opportunity to ponder the larger questions and solve the puzzle ourselves and ultimately that was the fun of LOST.


The golden light in the cave at the heart of the island is the same light that was behind the frozen donkey wheel that the MIB, Ben, and Locke, all were attempting to manipulate or channel to their benefit throughout the show. It also seems to be the same light (or a type of it) that engulfed the island when Desmond flipped the fail safe, when Juliette ignited Jughead, and each time our losties were bounced around when the island was skipping in time.

Most folks assume the light is God, or spirituality, or possibly the personification of goodness, or life, or something similarly vague. None of those solutions help us piece together the puzzle that is LOST.

Drum roll please…

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  1. I always thought that the show was never about the island. It was about what happened.

    A group of people with difficult pasts came together by chance and shared a crazy experience with one another. That’s it.

    My favorite characteristic of the show is that it is madly intricate, not to mention the pleasing sense that everything shown has a purpose. As of now, I’ve seen Lost four times and after reading this brilliant theory, I will watch it for a fifth time.

    P.S. Across the Sea might be the greatest episode ever made.

  2. This theory goes along very well with mine: the Heart of the Island is the origin of the everything (including the universe and time itself), and humans are on planet earth to protect it.
    Also, you talked a little bit about the Valenzetti Equation, which would have helped your theory and made it a lot better if you expanded on it.

  3. hi i have hated this show for so long now . especially after the last season. i followed it quite diligently but i think i approached it from a spiritual perspective and this blinded me to the science behind it . i love this theory and finally am making peace with it . thank you . now i can also let go off my past

  4. I think this is an awesome take on the premise of lost. Although I don’t totally agree with all of it. The “time” premise could definitely be a big part of it but it just doesent seem to be the root of it all. I dont know.
    I get how Bens tumor came on since in this theory the constant resetting of the clock held it at bay until the hatch exploded and time”came rushing back”.
    But how does the time slowing or even stopping/resetting explain Locks sudden cure from paralysis or Roses cancer being cured. Thanks for the insight and keeping Lost alive..even if its only in our minds.

  5. Love the theory! I’m curious to hear your (and others) opinion on season 6. This theory really doesnt go into detail about the “flash sideways”.

    Many people think that the nuke went off at the end of season 5, and everyone died. Thats why we started seeing the flash sideways, and eventually in the sideways/purgatory once they all found each other they met up in the church and were ready to go to heaven. But what about the main plot line on the island? If they all died from the H-bomb, then what about all that goes on after detonation on the island? Jack Kate Sawyer etc are all there. Juliet dies in Sawyers arms, they all the think the Nuke didnt work.

    Can someone help explain to me the sideways flash world, and what actually happened in season 6?

  6. I had not had many “Lost” thoughts since watching the last episode several (dozen) times when it all came to a screaching halt, just as did Flight 815. The various contributors to this web site have assisted me in obtaining some insight into the meaning of what was actually spinning through the minds of the original series writers. However, I freely admit to now being in a state of confusion reminiscent of my mental state following an undergraduate religion seminar at USC in 1969 immediately prior to my serving a year with the US Marine Corps in Viet Nam, where I learned the true meaning of confusion. Nonetheless, reading the contributions herein has been a tremendous trip down memory lane.

    Thank you for that, confusion and all.

  7. Awesome insight I loved it! However I feel there were some things you left out. Jacob tells Richard that the island is a cork holding back something, he tells Richard its Hell. In Christian mythology Hell is described as an extra dimensional space where God cannot peer into. When Desmond pulls the cork in the cave of Water and Light we see a Dante like fire and brimestone broth forth, from a “Hell” which Jack later seals up. There is too much Judeo Christian narrative in the Lost story to be ignored. Heres my take. After the 815 crash the survivors are survivors they didn’t die. But when Juliet detonates the H bomb most of the principle characters die. A diverse 5 dimensional time line is created, in the “The End” episode we see memories of the principle characters which are memories created whilst on the island so those events actually happened as per the narrative. The Black Smoke monster is a little more evil than you give it credit. It shows no remorse in killing non principle characters albeit it has rules it has to subscribe to it still has no morals and tends to an immoral set of actions. The island is the remnants of a Garden of Eden (Locke’s response to Jack in the water cave “Our own Adam and Eve”), is an extra dimensional space that acts as a capstone over Hell, where we have a negatively charged EM field, a very strong field on the scale of a black hole guarding the “doorway” to hell where God cannot even peer into. The EM field maybe this flow of light which the Tawarut found a way to manipulate time, they manipulated time because the the magnetic bottle that was holding Hell back was on par with a Black Hole, as high gravity can bend space-time to extremes. Also note the large tree under the stone bench where the MIB makes his bargan with Richard, Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil hello? I agree maybe this is JJ Abrams playing mind games with the show devotees making it look biblical when it isn’t. But in reality I think he is using alot of science and religious memes to create some miss mosh of shit that we can argue will eternity LOL

  8. I love what June said. I watched Lost on ABC for the first 3 seasons, then I caught up with seasons 4 & 5. Years later, as in the last few nights, I watched season 6. I didn’t want it to end. I’m carrying a sadness in me. Corny , but true. I want to believe the island was real. And it seems that what you are saying is that the past’s souls had to catch up with the parallel peol people. Something like that, but I don’t want the parallel lives to be real. And why are there parallel lives. The crash happened in their present lives, not in the seventies. But, then, what about Whidmore saying the plane was at thw bottom of the ocean?
    I imagine all these questns have been addressed here, but I don’t know if I will get a chance to read all the comments.
    I still don’t want to let go.

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  10. I’ve only watched the series once and am in the process of watching it with my boyfriend (who’s never seen it) so I decided to do a little reading to see if I could get the unanswered questions answered as much as possible so I can “connect the dots” while watching it again. While I understand that this is just one person’s perception of what it was all about and that there may be some flaws in it, I really really like this theory. Very well written and thought out. It’ll give me a lot to think about as I continue on in the series. Thank you!

  11. I watched this show a few years back….thru season 5….then since I had caught up on Netflix with season 6….which was at the time on regular tv…I tried to watch it 1 episode at a time…which for bingers is very hard….so I didn’t finish it….probably 6-8 episodes…then I watched the last 2-3 when it came on Netflix…..then recently my wife watched it so I watched it all over again….and man the whole show is ‘the long con’….and not in a bad way. It is symbolism from start to finish….I could study this forever….a prime example is when Locke , Jack , and Desmond and some of the others are on the island going to the ‘light’…..and locke says that it has to be only us three… Indian belief there is the triad of human existence….lucidity(Desmond)…Passion(Jack)….dark inertia(Locke)….but could also be seen in most beliefs….the triad of Father ,son, holy Spirit…..or ego,superego,id…..I think the underlying story is this battle that we all confront…..we fluctuate between these three states. Its an age old story….’The’ battle within….(Locke and Jack….with the Lucid Desmond always unattached to the outcome but there to guide towards remembrance)….well just like every belief out there we all filter it our own way and this is how it seems thru my filter.

  12. Oh, I just read Grace’s comment. She is very right. I still find all of these theories interesting reading though. Back to square one I guess 🙁

  13. This is the first explanation I have come across that I’ve finished feeling a little wiser, thank you. I’ve been trying to unravel Lost for many years, but most theories were poorly explained and ultimately confusing. I too loved the fact that the creators didn’t answer every question and agree with their view that it wouldn’t have fit the show. However to contradict myself I would love to know what they think of this theory.

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  15. Fantastic! You connected everything that makes total sense. you used logic and science. I think God would approve. There will be some people that are unable to understand your theory. Understanding requires deep Faith in God and a little science background.

  16. You make some interesting points, but I noticed one part that is incorrect. In LOST Ben is quoting saying “Two days after I found out I had a fatal tumor on my spine, a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky .” So Desmond not pushing the button and “allowing time to rush in” is not what caused Ben’s tumor because he already had it.

  17. I did not watch the show when it aired and I did not pay attention to the talk when it was popular. I just recently did a marathon viewing of 6 seasons in a few weeks. At first I thought the island was metaphorically a place of redemption. A game board of sorts, between Jacob and his twin to see what people would do. Placing people on the island and giving them opportunities to redeem or condemn their soul before death.
    But after a few episodes of 6, I realized how often they focused on time and everyone’s past ever since finding Desmond in the hatch (The numbers add up to 108, by the way). All the flashbacks and flash forwards and then the time travel.

    So after watching the finale, I kept thinking about the gathering at the church for a few days. At the end, Hurley says Ben was a good number 2 and Ben says he was a good number 1. I think the finale was Hurley and Desmond’s plan because Jack was still stuck on the island in his mind. He needed to save everyone before he could let go. He believed that their lives would have been different if the plane never crashed. His efforts did release them all back in time living their lives as if the wreck never happened. But even resetting their past did not prevent them from meeting each other or for the significant events from happening. So Hurley, as Jacob, with the help of Desmond had to make them remember the island because they did not belong in the second version of their past.

    Then I found this website and I think the concept of time, past and future is very powerful. Thanks for the interesting read.

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