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ABC’s LOST: the ultimate theory and explanation

ABC’s LOST explained!

Still wondering what the television show LOST was all about? I have answers!


SPOILER ALERT – the following article will completely explain and therefore give away to the most important puzzle pieces from the hit ABC television series LOST. Therefore if you haven’t seen the show and don’t want the end to be spoiled, stop reading this article right here! As for the rest of you who have wondered… what did it all mean? I have the answer for you!

Now that the spoiler warning is out of the way, lets get right to it…

Are there Twinkies in there mommy?
Are there Twinkies in there mommy?

The most mysterious lingering question remaining regarding the television show LOST is… what is the golden light in the cave at the heart of the island?

If only we knew what the light was maybe we could determine what the island was. And if we knew those facts we could piece together all the remaining details. Some might say the question was already answered when Jacob claimed the island was like a cork (when he said that he wasn’t lying which I will explain later) yet saying the island is a cork really only raises another question instead of giving any type of comprehensive answer, after all… if the island is a cork, what does that mean? I for one am glad that the writers didn’t spell it all out for us because if they had, it would have robbed us the opportunity to ponder the larger questions and solve the puzzle ourselves and ultimately that was the fun of LOST.


The golden light in the cave at the heart of the island is the same light that was behind the frozen donkey wheel that the MIB, Ben, and Locke, all were attempting to manipulate or channel to their benefit throughout the show. It also seems to be the same light (or a type of it) that engulfed the island when Desmond flipped the fail safe, when Juliette ignited Jughead, and each time our losties were bounced around when the island was skipping in time.

Most folks assume the light is God, or spirituality, or possibly the personification of goodness, or life, or something similarly vague. None of those solutions help us piece together the puzzle that is LOST.

Drum roll please…

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  1. I am off work on an injury and watched Lost on netflix. Although quite compelling, I can’t help but think that that’s 2 weeks of my life I’ll never get back.

  2. Because I’m a Buddhist. I didn’t have any mystery from the Start. The show is 75% structured by the teaching of buddha.

    When someone dead they go to a stage where the soul is living without a body in an imaginary world with the memories and sub subconscious. According to Buddha, some people will stay at this stage just for a nanosecond and some people stay their years. It’s all depends on karma and how quickly your mind can identify your dead.

    The Lost is about after death experiences of Jack…..

    When he talk with other souls in the plane, we get to see others past as well. However, Story is about Jack’s after death experience.

  3. My husband and I just finished watching this show. We somewhat understood what happened through it all, but they left many topics open and not answered. Your theory makes complete sense and I thank you for going into deep detail and researching all to make this post. I still have several questions regarding this now with some things/scenes that happened. When Kate, Jack, Hugo, Sun, Ben and Sayid go back to the island, why were some of them sent back to the 1970s while others stayed in the present time? You can tell of that difference when Sun and the pilot walk towards the Dhrama houses and find the photo with the rest of the crew in the 1970s. I thought all of them were needed to head back into a specific time in order to fix the original issue that made them go back to the island at hand. The pregnancy issues, Walt and his power, and so on.. those topics were never explained and looked further into. I guess I just need to let it go, since its in the past huh lol! Great theory again!

  4. So is it Jacob who, according to your (very interesting) theory, assumes the form of, say, Charlie and appears in front of Hurley off the island?



  6. I have always wondered if the actors really understood the entire concept of Lost or if the writers and producers just explained each episode before it was filmed. I think the acting were amazing and would love to know what each actor thought of the entire series.
    What is your take on this- if any?

  7. Brilliantly explained! This explanation gives me a desire to watch it all over again and mend some loopholes in my understandings.

  8. I am going to watch all over again and post after each episode. This will build a gradual picture and allow for comments to help.

  9. Wow….I have to agree with most of your analysis. Impressive. One question: in the finale, are the characters actually transitioning to “heaven”, or afterlife, or are they merely symbolically shedding their unwanted baggage from the past, which frees them up to live their life in the “non-island” world.

    Best show ever! Haven’t been so riveted for many years.

  10. Other brother: “What’s dead?”
    Mother: “Something you’ll never have to worry about.”
    The past is never dead.

  11. Brilliant Interpretation! I can’t wait to watch the series again with this in mind.

  12. What a great post, many thanks!! We watched while the show aired. We’ve watched several times since and we are currently watching again from the beginning. We love the discussions the show generates in our home, something new every time. Your theory makes a lot of sense. We’ve shared it with our 16 year old and I’m sure it will fuel many conversations to come. Thanks again!

  13. I was confused many times during the show…and for a while thought it had ‘jumped the shark’ in some of the episodes. I, like many others it seems, did think that the light and dark represented the good and evil in us. I thought that the island was more than just a time machine of sorts, and when it showed them (our dear Lost Ones) going back in time and blowing up the island all those years earlier, trying to reset things, and then still being there when flight 815 just hit air turbulence, I assumed that they had created a different time line (esp. since they were still on the Island and thought they had failed) yet when they died they tried to tell the others left alive that ‘it worked’.
    I thought that when they finally died on the island, they melded with their ‘other self’ in the alternate time line and that’s why they remembered what happened to them on the island and how they connected with the people on the island.
    I totally missed so many points that had been made … and a lot of what you said here helped clarify some things. But I guess I need to watch it again. (Thank you Netflix … because otherwise I would have really been confused by what little I did manage to understand)
    I still don’t understand who the Others really were, or how they came to be on the island. And why the original keeper of the light had to kill the mother and keep the babies (or why that poor MIB didn’t ever get a name) … but then again, my IQ is barely in the three digits. I guess part of a good story is that each reader/viewer takes something different from it. I did like the ending, because for a long time I did feel that maybe they all had been killed on the island and it was some sort of Pergatory (spelling?) and that they had to work through their own issues before they could move on.
    It was good. I loved the actors, the surprises, the mind games … all of it. And I’d love to watch it again … but just not yet. Then again, I do the Firefly and Serenity marathons all the time. Guess torturing myself is in my blood. But would I want to be able to manipulate time? Most likely, since I’m one of those who would love to be able to see those I’ve lost in the past. Then again, who says that we aren’t in a time loop of sorts? We just don’t know it yet. Maybe that’s what deja’ vu is … just saying.

  14. Brilliantly summarized. Couldn’t have asked for a better interpretation. Thank you…

  15. Clayton, thanks for the nice comments and that’s a fantastic catch you made there about Rose. I will have to go back and watch that episode again.

  16. I think your theory about the Smoke Monster being the past is punctuated by Rose around the 24 minute mark in the first episode. Right after a flashback involving Rose and Jack aboard the airplane, it goes back to the island with a closeup of Jack’s face. In the background you hear the characters discussing the sound of the smoke monster during which you hear Rose prominently say “that sound that it made; I keep thinking that there was something really familiar about it”.

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