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My name is Eric, I have been in the internet business for years. I own and operate several large internet communities as well as many other websites. I am a webmaster for a wide variety of clients and I specialize in graphic design. I have six awesome children, and one lovely wife. I know a little bit about everything and a great deal about a few things such as: theology, politics, sports (especially ice hockey and auto racing). I have a fantastic extended family and a great group of friends, all of which know that I am very opinionated and I happen to be right about pretty much everything.

Don’t let my Google ads offend you

oh-myLike any blog, my blog relies on the small amount of income I make via the Google banner ads. When a web publisher such as myself adds Google Adsense banners to a website Google places banner ads on the website based on the content that Google detects. Therefore if you have a boating blog you might see some ads featuring boating manufacturers or fishing and tackle companies. If the topic of your blog is knitting you will likely see Google ads that feature hobby and crafts companies. And if the topic of your blog is about dogs you will likely see Google ads from carpet cleaning companies. In short, Google guesses what ads should be displayed on a website based on what it thinks the audience would be interest in.

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