Don’t let my Google ads offend you

oh-myLike any blog, my blog relies on the small amount of income I make via the Google banner ads. When a web publisher such as myself adds Google Adsense banners to a website Google places banner ads on the website based on the content that Google detects. Therefore if you have a boating blog you might see some ads featuring boating manufacturers or fishing and tackle companies. If the topic of your blog is knitting you will likely see Google ads that feature hobby and crafts companies. And if the topic of your blog is about dogs you will likely see Google ads from carpet cleaning companies. In short, Google guesses what ads should be displayed on a website based on what it thinks the audience would be interest in.

In fact Google will serve different ads for every different page on a website if each page is featuring a different topic.

That’s where it gets dicey for this blog. I have no set topic. This blog features random funny stuff, advice, reviews, and tips and tricks which means the spectrum of content on this website is going to be very broad. That being said, it’s likely Google will be feeding this site some interesting ads. I do not control the ads that Google displays on this website therefore please don’t be offended by them. If you see something that clearly goes “over the line” email me the URL and I will block that company from my account.

I apologize in advance if you are offended by any of the Google advertising you might see on this website.

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