My name is Eric

OK so here is the deal… my name is Eric and I have been in the internet business for years. I have created some world famous websites that are still going strong to this very day. I wouldn’t call myself a expert on any given topic but I can tell you that I am extremely opinionated and I am not afraid to speak my mind. I guess I am one of these crazy folks who believe that common sense should be a lot more common, why do so many folks make life so complicated? Some things are obviously wrong, while other things are obviously right, while all the stuff in-between is up for you to consider.

I have some very strong opinions on politics, religion, entertainment, music, and sports. I am not afraid to speak my mind and frankly don’t care that much if you get offended. Most of the websites that I have created (and or manage) have a focused mission and therefore don’t allow me to openly speak my mind therefore I wanted to create a website/blog that was more “free form”, in nature i.e., a place where I can discuss any topic that tickles my fancy. You wont find much political correctness from me so if hearing the truth offends you be prepared to be offended. I certainly don’t shy away from debate so if you think I am wrong feel free to let me know.

I am a family guy. A half Norwegian, half Italian, who was raised in a large family in Denver Colorado. As a father of six and husband to one perfect wife I think I know a thing or two…. about a thing or two.

The scope of this blog is for the most part boundless. I might review the latest and greatest gadget or I might tell you what I think about various political figures. I might point out a video or website that I find funny and I might warn you about a product that I find to be sub-standard, but one thing you can count on is that I will speak my mind and I wont pull any punches.

In a world gone nuts…. Eric knows it all.

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