Boycott the college football post season

boycott-college-football-bcsDear college football, you suck. Yes it’s true you offer some of the most exciting regular season action but your post season is the most ridiculously stupid thing in all of sports (and that includes soccer). No, I do not care about Middle Tennessee vs. Southern Miss. in the New Orleans Bowl. No, I don’t care about Marshall vs. Ohio in the Little Ceasars Bowl. And therefore no I don’t care about Texas vs. Alabama in the BCS title game.

You can take your post season and cram it. Why should some dumb sports writers get to determine who plays in the championship game? That’s idiotic!!

The year is 2010 we have electric cars for crying out loud!! We have hand held computers, we have pizza with cheese already baked in the crust, we have beer cans that “vent” when they pour, yet we can’t even have a college football post season that features a playoff to crown a true champion???

I’m not a basketball fan and I especially dislike college basketball but at least they have a post season tournament that I can get into! March Madness is actually really cool and I admit that I follow it even though I am normally not a fan of watching glandular freaks run around in their underwear. It’s the post season tournament format that catches my attention.

Therefore, until college football can institute a post season tournament that features a playoff system count me out. College football is officially a joke and no self respecting sports fan doesn’t want to see a playoff where the champion actually earns their crown. College football, I boycott you!

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