A shot across the bow – Earth attacks the Moon

In an unprecedented move the Earth has attacked the moon. On Friday October 9th 2009 NASA launched twin missiles at the lunar surface. From NASA “NASA’s Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, created twin impacts on the moon’s surface early Friday” source. Once thought to be allies the moon and the earth has existed together for thousands of years without incident, in fact even relying on each other for vital functionality within the solar system.

moon-bombYet with growing fears of alien attack the earth has fired a preemptive strike against the moon. Damage and causality reports are still sketchy and slowly filtering in but it does appear that a fair amount of damage was incurred by the moon. Skeptics have argued that the moon is merely an innocent bystander and has nothing to do with the recent alien invasion but NASA was confident that these attacks were in fact necessary.

In response, lunar authorities have been suspiciously quiet. Many experts fear the moon is preparing to retaliate or worse yet, simply pull away from the earth’s gravitational pull leaving the earth to fend for itself which would cause devastation since the earth depends so heavily on the moon’s gravitational pull. When asked what preparations were being made to handle a possible moon retaliation NASA officials stated “We are prepared to beat the crap out of the moon if it pulls any funny business.”

“What did the moon do to us to deserve this?” Michael Perez of Peace With the Moon (PWN) asked, and many have echoed that same sentiment questioning if a preemptive strike against the moon was really necessary. If this strike turns into a full fledged solar system battle this day will be remembered as the day that started it all.

8 thoughts on “A shot across the bow – Earth attacks the Moon”

  1. Julia… “…. tomorrow Uranus.” ROTFL

    Ain’t that the truth??? It certainly appears that the government is trying to spend ourselves into a state that government will need to completely “take over”.

    However, i’m not convinced this country will give up without a fight.

  2. Yeah, the Birthers only got it half right. Obama’s not from another country, he’s from another galaxy and he’s using NASA to launch a megalo-maniacal attack on the Solar System!

    Today the Moon, tomorrow Uranus. And we thought global warming was a challenge…

  3. I knew we couldn’t trust this president. Have you seen Obama’s ears? They are fricking huge! Wake up America! You voted for an alien and now the proverbial spit is hitting the fan. I knew Osama Hussein Bin Laden was up to no good.

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