Rapper Too Short insists he is not dead

What's up Too Short?
What's up Too Short?

The internet has been buzzing all day long about the big news that rapper Too Short has died of a heart attack. However, reports of his death have proven to be inaccurate. In a Tweet Too Short wrote

“Stop calling my phone. I’m not dead. Been in the lab working on my 19th album.”

This roller coaster of super-duper important news has raised one very important question…

Who in the world is Too Short?


2 thoughts on “Rapper Too Short insists he is not dead”

  1. Those rapper Too Short dead rumors are just not true dammit! Once again it seems yet another (pseudo) celebrity has been the victim of a Twitter death hoax rumor, oh joy. The rapper, whose real name is Todd Shaw and also goes by the name of Short Dawg, would like his fans to know he is alive and well despite rumors to the contrary.

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