5 Things I love about water

Water isn't just for nerds.
Water isn't just for nerds.

Water is one of the greatest inventions of all-time. There are so many things you can do with water and for the most part they are all good. My 5 favorite things about water are as follows:

5. Ice cubes. If you pour water into a cube shaped mold and place it in your freezer you can make ice cubes! Ice cubes are portable blocks of water you can do all kinds of things with. Personally like to place them in my drink (such as soda or lemonade) which absorbs the heat from the liquid in turn making my drink cold and refreshing. The time it takes to turn water into ice cubes varies based on the size of the water mold and the temperature of the freezer.

4. Swimming. If you have large quantities of water you can actually immerse yourself in it and if you move your arms and legs in just the right way you will find yourself “swimming” through the water. Diving in the water is also a lot of fun as is splashing around in the water. One word of warning however, if you stay submersed in water too long without coming up for air you will be forced to breath the water into your lungs which can cause death.

3. Waterboarding. When you need information from a person who has intentions or information about the mass murder thousands of innocent people (such as a known terrorist) you can hold them down and pour water on their face making them think they are drowning. Most folks don’t like that sort of thing so they tend to give you the information you are seeking.

2. Cleaning and bathing. Water is good at dissolving solids and therefore it’s a great liquid to clean with. It’s especially good at cleaning our own bodies. You can shower water down upon your body and it will wash away dirt and body oils relatively well and it is even more effective when used in combination with soap. In the old days many people would sit in baths of water to clean themselves but this proved to be less effective since it caused you to be sitting in a large vat of water containing all the dirt you had on you when you started.

1. Drinking. One little known fact about water is that it is great to drink. My favorite water recipe is… take an 8oz glass of water and mix in 3-4 ice cubes (this will cool the water) wait three or four minutes and drink it up! Experts say that drinking up to 2 liters of water per day can be great for your health. Who knew? Yet don’t drink too much. Drinking too much water can cause death via water intoxication which is what killed artist Andy Warhol. Friends don’t let friends drink as much water as Andy Warhol did.

Water… once an underdog in the world of liquids is now gaining the attention it so rightly deserves. Tell me below what you like about water. Have a special water recipe? Share it with us!

2 thoughts on “5 Things I love about water”

  1. The only thing I don’t like about water is that it’s too moist. Other than that I have no problem with it.

  2. Water is seriously under-rated. All of my friends drink pop and sadly neglect water. It has so many uses. You can shoot it at people through a plastic gun (“Squirt Gun”) for fun. Some day, I hope the liquid gets its well-deserved attention.

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