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ABC’s LOST: the ultimate theory and explanation

ABC’s LOST explained!

Still wondering what the television show LOST was all about? I have answers!


SPOILER ALERT – the following article will completely explain and therefore give away to the most important puzzle pieces from the hit ABC television series LOST. Therefore if you haven’t seen the show and don’t want the end to be spoiled, stop reading this article right here! As for the rest of you who have wondered… what did it all mean? I have the answer for you!

Now that the spoiler warning is out of the way, lets get right to it…

Are there Twinkies in there mommy?
Are there Twinkies in there mommy?

The most mysterious lingering question remaining regarding the television show LOST is… what is the golden light in the cave at the heart of the island?

If only we knew what the light was maybe we could determine what the island was. And if we knew those facts we could piece together all the remaining details. Some might say the question was already answered when Jacob claimed the island was like a cork (when he said that he wasn’t lying which I will explain later) yet saying the island is a cork really only raises another question instead of giving any type of comprehensive answer, after all… if the island is a cork, what does that mean? I for one am glad that the writers didn’t spell it all out for us because if they had, it would have robbed us the opportunity to ponder the larger questions and solve the puzzle ourselves and ultimately that was the fun of LOST.


The golden light in the cave at the heart of the island is the same light that was behind the frozen donkey wheel that the MIB, Ben, and Locke, all were attempting to manipulate or channel to their benefit throughout the show. It also seems to be the same light (or a type of it) that engulfed the island when Desmond flipped the fail safe, when Juliette ignited Jughead, and each time our losties were bounced around when the island was skipping in time.

Most folks assume the light is God, or spirituality, or possibly the personification of goodness, or life, or something similarly vague. None of those solutions help us piece together the puzzle that is LOST.

Drum roll please…

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  1. I really like the essence of the series as summarized by you. It makes sense to think of the past as a dark smoke monster that keeps haunting us. And also that it is not completely dark and that the future is not totally bright. Life is unfair and one must get used to it. It takes courage to admit to your own wrongs and go about setting them right while keeping in mind that the best you can do is to “do”; you’ll never have anything under your control. I loved this series for its symbolism. For me, I grant it all the mysteries and the unexplained “rules” and “myths.” After all, that is what mysticism is about.

    Having said that, there are ways in which this series severely disappoints me on the science fiction side, which has to be consistent for me to be able to enjoy it. Even if I consider the concept of the flash-sideways as a place where everyone resolves their destinies and not as a real alternate timeline, in the real story/time line there is no comment or clarification on whether the future could be changed, or whether if it was at all changed. That is why, the concept of time doesn’t as the light doesn’t appeal to me. You have theorized something about the hatch being a time resetting device, which would eventually mean that at every instance the hatch was used, an alternate universe/timeline was created. Also, there is no way that by controlling the flow of time you guarantee that what happens during every run of that “time period” is allowed to be different, without skidding into and alternate reality. Do you know what I mean? Every time the hatch was reset, the universe was being sent into an alternate reality. My Gosh! that would mean so so many different alternate realities!!! On a side note – Watch the movie called Primer ( . If you love stuff about time travel this will blow your head off.

    And like the way you introduce time as flowing, that’s right, but if you also read further in those lines, Einstein eventually concluded that we could think of time as something like the 4th axis, it is always present there, its only our perception that runs in only one direction – forward! Personally, I am a total fan of this kind of thinking. That is what Buddha said as well – “Time is an illusion.” But let me not get there, it starts to become pseudo-science and that is so totally annoying.

    Sticking to science – there are questions. Several questions. One of the simplest ones which has not been clarified is is the island changing the time (as in a record skipping and/or reversing) for just the island or the whole universe? While it may all be explained in some large general scientifically consistent idea of time, for me that is mere arbitrariness.

    That said, the show is totally beautiful for its symbolism.

  2. Wow! I’ve watched LOST 1.5 times and have been trying to find a valid theory/explanation of the series for a while. This is the best and most thought out explanation of LOST I have seen so far. Good work!

  3. Also some other things to note. Jack’s father explains to him in the church that his time on the island was the most important and meaningful time of his life. So Jack could be said to have started the meaningful part of his life in the same bamboo field his life ended in. Also the plane on the beach after the credits with nobody around was to show that Jack had been transported back to the time of the plane crash but that all of the people that were originally on the plane when it crashed at the beginning weren’t on it this time since they had been freed of their pasts that brought them to that plane at the particular point in time. Since Jack time traveled after stabilizing the island he was the only one of the original survivors that was on the plane this time around. Also if you remember at certain times in the show during the purgatory scenes Jack would notice mysterious wounds on his body while looking at himself in the mirror. This is because time stood still in limbo and so the mysterious wound on his neck (where the MIB stabbed him) would bleed and he couldn’t remember how he got it. Also I think it’s worth noting that after Jack destroys the past all of the characters in limbo forget about everything they had done on the island before ending up there. It’s as if their past had been erased. Luckily it remained locked away in their subconscious just waiting to be uncovered. 🙂

  4. Theory fits perfectly and has led me to understand many other things in the show that you didn’t cover. All the people leaving the island at the end didn’t die in a plane crash. In heaven and purgatory there is no time. That is why no matter who died first (Hurley and Ben lived full meaningful lives on the island after the end but still met up with the other losties at the end in the church which is basically the gateway to heaven. The alt reality in the 6th season was purgatory / limbo and showed all of the Lost cast living the lives they would have lived if their pasts had never happened. (because jack killed the past) Also this theory helps to explain the mysteries surrounding walt. Walt somehow had the ability to travel through time. This is why the others were so interested in him and even asked his father if walt had ever appeared places he shouldn’t have been. This also explains how walt was able to appear before john locke after leaving the island and why he appeared to be much older. Locke even described it as seeing an older taller walt. Obviously the actor had grown but they used it to their advantage when filming. The reason walt can probably time travel is because the others did experiments on him because they knew he could travel in time but what they didn’t realize is that their expetiments probably gave him that ability. In the episode where walt appears covered in water that could have been him being dunked in the magic water. It is also possible that he found the stream of time while chasing the dog. Plus as a child his past is not as big a factor as the others on the island. He has his entire future ahead of him. Also i heard somewhere that time flows like a river always moving in one direction. The egyptian’s built the cave and the cork to stop the flow of time however much they wanted in an attempt to control it. Also the show has recurring themes of begining and end through out the show. It starts with jacks eyes opening laying in a forest of bamboo with the dog and the show ends the exact way it started. Also the show begins with a plane crashing and ends with a plane taking off. Just like all the characters looking at themselves in the mirror the shows end is basically a reversed mirror image of it’s beginning. Basically showing us that the show started on one side of a mirror and ended on the other side. Even their alternate lives in the sixth season are opposite mirror images of the flashbacks of their lives in the first. They are constantly looking in the mirror and not liking what they are seeing and then in the end they become the people they always wanted to be. Also the reason jack dies in the same area he woke in at the beginning and the reason the dog is there in the beginning and the end is because after replacing the stone he was transported back in time. Otherwise he would have died in the cave. I personally see that and the fact that the dog was there both times as the most conclusive evidence supporting this theory. Also lets not forget the skeletons of “Adam and Eve” in the cave. The island is most likely Eden. This would explain why the river of time was located on the island. God put it at the center of Eden when he invented time!

  5. Wow! Still stunned and trying to process this all. Thanks Eric. I still have lots of questions, but maybe when I process this all, some will be answered.

    And this is why this show is my all time FAVORITE show.

  6. So what is your response to people that say they all died and were in purgatory the whole time, and the show was just random and meaningless?

  7. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thank you so much, However I am experiencing issues with your RSS.
    I don’t know why I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody else getting identical RSS problems?
    Anybody who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  8. The plane that Frank, Claire, Sawyer, Kate and Miles were in DIDN’T crash, that were just unused pictures, from the first season, that they showed us AFTER the credits.
    And they all died eventually, that’s why all of them were in the purgatory. They all died eventually and when they were all gone they met up in the purgatory and moved on together.
    Were you all even paying any attention when you watched the show?

  9. kate, sawyer, claire, miles and the pilot didn’t survive, their plane crashed. that’s the plane they show at the end in the last episode

  10. Okay, assuming the time hypothesis is correct and the time is reset by pushing the button, why aren’t the people on the island in an endless loop? i.e. T=0. 180 minutes pass. Button press. Time gets back to T=0.

    Also, if during the fight in the hatch, when hieroglyphs appeared, the time rushed forward (thus making the medical facility look abandoned), why doesn’t everybody get rushed forward as well? We can assume that those in the hatch are shielded, but there were others out in the open.

  11. I also wanted to know if Kate, Sawyer and Claire escaped on the plane, then why are they with the rest of the dead people. And if they are dead also, then what happened to the pilot (Frank) and Miles?

  12. Makes sense. But…How did Locke see Walt after he got shot. Walt told him that he had to kill Naomi. Walt was never dead so it could not have been smoke monster?? Also child Jacob in the last season?

  13. If Kate, Claire and Sawyer escaped on the second crashed plane along with Miles and Frank, how come they appeared with the “dead” survivors in the church scene in the last episode?

  14. After watching 120 episodes on Netflix, I couldn’t figure it out at all. I got busy googling “explain Lost to me” and yours was the best explanation. There are a few lingering questions but by far I feel pretty good after reading your theories. I invested a lot of time watching the shows and the ending really didn’t explain the island, Jacob, the smoke, Desmond, etc., so thanks for taking a stab at it.

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